Considering all the opportunities that are inherent during large scale events, the Chief, PNP PDG RICARDO C MARQUEZ was clear and simple - to ensure that there will be ‘zero untoward incident’ during the APEC summit just like the visit of Pope Francis last January. The safety and security of around 10,000 delegates from the 21 member-economies of APEC is no joke. Hence, at least 30,000 personnel from various government agencies, spearheaded by the PNP and AFP were mobilized in support to the National Joint Task Force (NJTF) responsible for security coverage of APEC-related meetings that started as early as December of 2014. The Whole of Government Approach was applied; and strategies and security plans were implemented such as APEC Major Event Security Preparation. 

As one of the APEC Task Groups, the PSPG has played a very significant role focused on ensuring the safety and security of the Ministers of Trade, Economic, Transportation, Finance, Energy, and Foreign Affairs, their respective spouses, and delegates of the 21 APECmember countries and Colombia (observer status), where its personnel were utilized as security officers, closein, on-board, convoy, billet, advance and conference security, as well as action personnel of various Tactical Operations Centers and ASTF Multi-Agency Coordination Center during the various APEC meetings (7 Related Working Meetings, 5 Senior Officials’ Meetings, 7 Sectorial Ministerial Meetings, and APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting) held in various places in the country such as Cebu, Tagaytay, Iloilo, Aklan, Pampanga, Bataan and Manila. The PSPG has deployed a total of 769 security personnel during the APEC Summit last November 1819, 2016 attended by the Heads of Economies of the 21 APEC-member countries. Series of training including the Regular Close Protection Courses were conducted to prepare the PSPG personnel assigned to the event.

The hardwork and dedication of the PSPG personnel contributed to the attainment of the government’s “zero incident” policy during major event such as the 2015 APEC Meeting. It was a mission accomplished for the PSPG which ensured the safe passage/movement of the delegates, various Ministers, and Heads of Economies and respective spouses of the 21 APEC-member countries without delay from the point of origin to places of engagement through integrated and coordinated Protective Security Operations.