Pursuant to NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 2008-256 dated 10 April 2008, the Headquarters Support Unit (HSU) is one of the five (5) operating units of PSPG. Its mandate is to assist the Director, PSPG to oversee the security and safety of the people working at the offices of the PSPG Headquarters; manage the flow of traffic, proper parking and orderliness at the PSPG compound; supervise the repair and maintenance of building, facilities and equipment; provides personnel complement for Command Activities and Special Events. On 06 October 2016, the PSPG was restructured under General Order No. DPL-15-03 as approved by NAPOLCOM pursuant to Resolution No. 2016-624. The supervision and control over PSPG was transferred to Directorate for Operations. Under this new structure, the Headquarters Support Unit (HSU) was renamed to Maintenance & Technical Support Division wherein MTSD became one (1) of the three (3) Support Staff Divisions of PSPG. Its primary tasks are: a) to secure the property and ensure safety of the people working at the Headquarters PSPG;b)supervise the repair and maintenance of building, facilities and equipment; c) provide personnel complement for Command Activities and Special Events; d)maintain mobile and motorcycle units for escort services to the VIPs and visiting dignitaries in the country, local activities/events; and e)as directed by higher authorities.



                                Significant accomplishments

1)    Repair and maintenance of PSPG facilities and equipment - Team HSU conducts routine inspection and report to the Director, PSPG any noted defects, damage in the building fixtures, equipment and initiate immediate repair/construction. 2) Parking Management - Team HSU initiated the clearing of debris at the PSPG parking area to provide more parking space,  installed signages/traffic directions,steel barriers, plastic name tags and set demarcation line to designated parking area. 3) Security Management- enhanced security measures like fielding of Traffic Marshall and Roving Guard during weekdaysaside from the duty SOG/guard at the lobby, and ensures the proper wearing of uniform, paraphernalia and availability of communication equipment for duty Sentinels. Electronic devices like CCTV and door entry RFID system are also emplaced. 4) Safety Measures - Team HSU spearheads the conduct of regular fire and earthquake drills, posts and disseminate security and safety reminders, conducts routine inspection and remove safety hazard materials. 5) Discipline and Order - personnel who are violating rules and regulations were being issued with Delinquency Report (DR) while vehicles that are not properly parked are being subjected to tire locking.

Best Practices


1)    Clean and Green Program – Team HSU maintains the cleanliness of the PSPG building and its immediate surroundings, educate personnel on the proper garbage disposal, put up hanging plants at the cyclone fence in front of the HPSPG and indoor plants inside the building2) Water and Electricity Conservation – encourages personnel to do their part byswitching-off electrical equipment, extra lights after office hour to includefaucets especially when left unattended. 2) Hands-on Supervision – HSU Officers personally supervise personnel in accomplishing the assigned tasks.

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